Man Wonders If Microsoft Could Update Windows Some Other Time

STATEN ISLAND—Market researcher Jason Melba was checking online news websites trying to find details about the alarming events that appeared to be happening outside his downtown office when his Ultrabook running Windows 10 began restarting to install downloaded updates, according to reports.

“I heard some extremely loud explosions and saw some bright flashes outside my window,” Melba said. “I wanted to know if the world was ending. That’s when Microsoft decided it was best to take 15 minutes to install some updates without asking permission.”

Unlike previous versions of Windows, Microsoft has recently removed the user’s ability to decide when to install updates.  Microsoft cited improved security as the justification for the controversial move.

“I appreciate that Microsoft is always trying to keep me protected from security threats with constant updates,” Melba added. “But do they have some sort of ESP for knowing the exact worst moment to push the update before clicking send?”

At press time, Melba was reportedly trying to recover the document he was working on at the time of update when Adobe Acrobat informed him that an update was ready to be installed.