Pixar’s Oscar Winning Song “Remember Me” Inspired by Login Screen

HOLLYWOOD, CA—”Remember Me,” the Academy Award winning song from Pixar’s 2017 film Coco was inspired by an email login screen, reports Robert Lopez, co-writer of the song.

“One day I was trying to login to my email account and couldn’t remember my password when the idea hit me,” said Lopez.  “The login page is like the dead TSA-like team in the film that allows the dead to visit their families.  And the ‘Remember Me’ feature is like the portraits of deceased family members on the ofrenda, which automatically allows their passage.”

Clicking the “Remember Me” checkbox on a website login page saves an authentication token in a browser cookie allowing users to bypass the login page during future site visits.

Lopez and Anderson-Lopez have reportedly begun writing another song for Pixar’s upcoming feature The Incredibles 2, tentatively titled “Forgot your password?”